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Farmers Outdoor Cherry & Banana Müsli

Farmers Outdoor

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Item No.: 5007725-001
Product description Cherry & Banana Müsli

Don't like porridge for breakfast? Then the Cherry & Banana Müsli was made for you. The crunchy cereals are accompanied with dark chocolate flakes, cherries and bananas, provide long-lasting energy and will make breakfast something to look forward to.

As all Farmers Outdoor outdoor meals this one is quick & easy to prepare. The bag is resealable with a zip and you just will it till the indicator line with hot water and let the food rehydrate for six to eight minutes. Then just give it an additional stir and it is ready to eat! The bag's bottom stands safely on the ground and is insulated so that you won't burn your hands when you're eating. What's special about Farmers Outdoor Meals is that you can prepare them with cold water - just let them rehydrate the double amount of time.

Ingredients: Light and dark crunchy cereals, oats, cherries, bananas, dark chocolate chips, almonds

Weight: 120 g (netto) | 1 Portion

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