GriGri +, Contact, Spirit, Luna and Adjama team up as a climbing belay symbiosis. Equip yourself with the Petzl climbing kit for your next alpine climbing adventure and move safe & secured on the wall. Enter to win now!

Your Alpine climbing season is about to kick off or you’ve already hit the crag? A quick (and thorough) check of your climbing gear finds your climbing rope looking fuzzy and stiff, or your climbing harness fraying and starting to bunch up and it’s time for your climbing kit to retire? Or maybe you’re a newbie starting out on the vertical and you are looking to invest in your own climbing equipment? Win a Petzl Climbing Kit worth approx. 530 euros and take that first step towards sturdy and safe climbing gear!

Petzl profile

Having been in existence since 1960, Petzl as a French family business has collected a plethora of experience in product development. Product classics such as the ‘GriGri’ belay device have been on the market for many years.

Founder Fernand Petzl was a passionate cave climber. What he lacked in equipment he hand-produced for himself and his caving friends. This soon led to the birth of what was to become an iconic climbing brand and before long Petzl was also creating gear for mountaineering as well. Petzl has a strong mission statement of user safety.

Also committed to environmental protection, the label has for the most part, its production in France. It also uses environmentally compatible materials.

The Prize: Alpine Climbing Equipment

Win four great pieces of climbing gear, which include: Petzl’s Contact Rope 9.8, the GriGri + Belay Device, a Climbing Harness and a Pack of 10 Spirit Quickdraws.

Win: A men's climbing kit
Win: A men’s climbing kit

Single rope: With the Petzl climbing rope Contact 9.8mm (length: 70m) weight, durability and rope control optimally come together. An introduction to thinner ropes and a more effective belaying are achieved thanks to the rope’s diameter.

A third-generation classic: Launched in 2017, the Petzl GriGri + is the third version of the GriGri and GriGri 2. It includes assisted braking and delivers excellent control for top-rope climbing and lead climbing.The GriGri has been available on the market for over two decades.

Turquoise & blue: For the lucky lady, a Petzl Luna climbing harness comes included in the prize. The climbing harness is light and simple to operate so that the waist belt and the leg loops sit just right and with comfort. Pressure is evenly distributed thanks to Endoframe technology and a red wear marker indicates when the belt needs to be replaced. The men’s version of the Luna is the Petzl Adjama climbing harness and comes included in the men’s prize package.

For the ladies: Petzl's climbing kit to be won.
For the ladies: Petzl’s climbing kit to be won.

Versatile: Also in the Alpine climbing Kit is the Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw Set in a pack of 10. The upper carabiner is silver and has a straight gate while the bottom gate carabiner is coloured orange and is bent. Rubber webbing protector at the bottom of the sling reduces abrasion while also keeping the rope-end carabiner properly positioned. Both carabiners feature keylock noses that won’t snag on pro, ropes or slings, making them easier to clip.

Enter to win!

Alpine climbing is your passion and you are always looking for new challenges. Safety on the wall and the correct gear are important to you? Simply answer our Bergzeit multiple choice question below and with a little luck you could win the ultimate Petzl climbing kit worth approx. 530 Euro. The Contest expires on 31.07.2017.

The contest is not active anymore. You can participate in this timeframe:01.07.2017 - 31.07.2017