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Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
Suitable for:
men, women
  • Snowshoes
  • aluminum frame
  • climbing assistance, ice crampons
  • binding with strap system
MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes cobalt blue 22

The Lightning Ascent from MSR is a super-light all-aluminium snow shoe that guides you safely through rough terrain. The 360° Traction™ Frame has a stable grip during traverses and in harder snow. In addition to the aggressive toothing on the outer frame, the crampons on the forefoot also bight hard. The tight covering of the frame provides sufficient buoyancy for new snow (can be increased with the separately available Lightning Tails).

Of course a climbing aid supports the ascent in steep passages, they can be opened comfortably with your touring poles. The All-Terrain binding lives up to its name and provides a secure hold with good mobility. It also fits on normal boots, heavy mountain boots, ski and snowboard boots.

Manufacturer´s product info
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product variations
Variant 22 25 30
Weight per pair 1,814 g 1,886 g 2,157 g
Snowshoe length Snowshoe length: 56 cm Snowshoe length: 64 cm Snowshoe length: 76 cm
max. user weight max. user weight: 80 kg max. user weight: 100 kg max. user weight: 125 kg

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