Oronasal Mask

Suitable for
Made in Europe
Specific activity
Main material
  • 82% polyester
  • 18% elastane


<p>This oronasal mask by Alé is your extremely chic companion through the mask duty. It is cheekily printed so that you can express your personal style with the mask, even if your face is covered.</p><p>It is not a medical product, therefore not certified and therefore not personal protective equipment. Nevertheless, it is a perfect community mask.</p><p>After use, the mask can be washed and reused.</p><p>Note: Mouth and nose masks cannot be exchanged for hygienic reasons!</p><p>Instructions for correct use:</p><p>As you have to touch your face when putting on the mask, you should have washed or disinfected your hands well before.</p><p>Cover your mouth and nose with the mask. It sits the right way round when the imprint is visible on the outside.</p><p>Afterward, the straps are fastened well behind the ears. Pull the mask into position. It must sit well over the nose and finish under the chin.</p><p>Do not touch the mask with your hands while wearing it.</p><p>When removing the mask, you must take it off your face by the straps at the sides (from back to front), but do not touch the mask.</p><p>After taking off the mask, your hands should be washed or disinfected thoroughly.</p>
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