August 2017, saw Bergzeit moving into its brand new warehouse. Not only does this offer more space for product expansion, it also makes way for more modern facilities and even faster delivery times.

Bergzeit started out in 1999 as a touring portal. In 2003, it set up its first warehouse in Holzkirchen-Großhartpenning in a converted farmhouse. This was followed by a larger warehouse in nearby Otterfing in Germany’s beautiful Bavaria. However, over time, the warehouse has started to burst at the seams. With more than 200 employees, even the workload had to be distributed and split between buildings.

This is primarily why Bergzeit started its new project in 2015 – and now it’s complete – our new gem of a warehouse! What does all this mean for you as a customer in the future? First and foremost, a greater selection of outdoor products, more reliable and faster delivery and enhanced environmental protection when shopping online.

Photos of the new warehouse: Day 3.. moved!

Day 2 of Bergzeit’s warehouse move..

Starting to move – Day 1

The new Bergzeit-warehouse statistics

A few facts and figures

  • 10,000 m² of floor area
  • Largely avoiding automation in the warehouse to be able to secure existing jobs and to respond flexibly to peak loads
  • Several different storage areas (high, floor, small parts and shoe shelves)
  • New warehouse management system for even more reliable performance

Energy efficiency and sustainability played a particularly important role in the planning and construction of the new warehouse:

  • Innovative controlled night ventilation for heat reduction in summer, which requires little energy
  • Intelligent lighting throughout the warehouse: the individual storage areas are only illuminated when in use
  • Storage boxes made of 100% recycled plastic from regional production
  • Charging station for electric cars