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POC Retina Big Comp Ski Goggles


This is an archived product and no longer available

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Colour hydrogen white
Item No.: 5018501-001
Product description Retina Big Comp Ski Goggles
Recommended use:
  • skiing
  • Freeride, Snowboard
Suitable for:
men, women

POC has made the Retina Big Comp for skiers who are looking for a high performance, race-proven ski goggle! The gogglee has a single lens made from CP (Cellulose Propionate) with an anti-fog coating, which ensures a clear view without distortion. The flexible frame is made from polyurethane and fits perfectly to a wide variety of face shapes and maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures. POC hss also give the goggle a three-layered foam padding, which ensures an excellent, long-lasting comfort. Silicone inserts on ergonomical headband also ensure a slip-free grip. It comes with three interchangeable lenses in brown, smokey yellow and transparent, the, light cloud cover and heavy cloud cover, dusk or floodlight inserts are suitable for bright sunshine. The Retina Big Comp ski goggle is compatible with all Retina Big lenses.

product variations
variant zink orange terbium blue hydrogen white
Ski goggle light absorption Strong sunlight (cat. 3) Strong sunlight (cat. 3) Strong sunlight (cat. 3)
Visual light transmission (VLT) 15 % 15 % 15 %
Light transmission factor (VLT) for Interchangeable lenses 52 % 52 % 52 %
Light transmission factor (VLT) for additional lenses 90 % 90 % 90 %

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